Fix Arlo camera Offline error

Fix Arlo camera Offline error, turn offline myarlo to online

Is facing Arlo camera offline error, getting “device offline” error code on myarlo go or arlo security camera. Arlo camera is offline after switching to a new router or changing the Internet connection, check and ensure Arlo smartHub or base station is duly synced with arlo camera.

There are many things to consider when troubleshooting your Arlo camera offline. The Arlo camera may have battery issues, or the placement of the Arlo Go camera is far from its base station. Maybe it’s getting unstable Wi-Fi signals. If your Arlo cameras goes offline, then you must consider these easy solutions you can do to fix the Arlo camera “device offline” error. 

Read below the troubleshooting steps to fix offline myarlo security camera issue.

Troubleshoot Arlo Camera Offline Error

Troubleshoot Arlo Camera Offline Error

Looking for steps to reconnect my arlo camera and get myarlo camera back “online” from “offline” mode. follow these troubleshooting steps to fix Arlo security camera Offline issue manually.

1.Battery Issue causes Arlo camera goes offline:

Turn off the Arlo Go camera, remove the battery, reinsert the battery, and note the behavior of the camera LED.

  • If the LED is off, check that the battery is installed in the correct orientation and that it is not depleted.
  • If the LED flashes yellow twice, the battery is low.
  • If the battery is low or dead, connect the camera or insert a fully charged battery
  • If the LED is off even if the battery is not depleted, it may have been disabled in the Arlo Go camera settings and may cause arlo camera offline error. 
  • If you’ve turned off the LED completely, log out of the Arlo app and log back in. If your camera is still disabled, try moving it to a location with better mobile coverage.
  • If that doesn’t work, you may need to reset your Arlo Go camera and set it up again. 
  • If the LED flashes blue very slowly, the camera is starting up.
  • Wait 20-30 seconds until the LED stop changing.

Note the behavior of the LED after starting the camera:

The LED flashes blue quickly. The camera is connected to the cloud.

Sign out of the Arlo app on your mobile device or web browser and sign in again. If your camera showing offline in the Arlo app, please speak with an myarlo camera setup expert.

The LED flashes blue and purple: The camera connects to the network and the cloud.

Wait for the LED behavior to stop changing and check it again.

The LED lights up blue: The camera is not connected to an Arlo account. Complete the process of setting up your new camera. 

The LED lights up yellow: The SIM card is not inserted or the SIM card is damaged.

LED flashes yellow slowly: Your camera does not work on LTE network.

Move the camera to an area with LTE coverage.

The LED flashes yellow quickly: The camera is connected to a cellular network, but cannot connect to the cloud.

The LED flashes yellow and blue. The camera is receiving a firmware update. Do not open the battery compartment or disconnect the camera until the update is complete and the camera is rebooted. Wait for the LED to turn off for a few seconds, then turn it back on, blink blue slowly for 20-30 seconds and set the new behavior.

Note. If the LED indicator slowly blinks blue during startup and then briefly displays a different color before extinguishing, the status LED may be turned off in your settings. If your camera is still off and showing “device offline” or arlo camera keep going offline thus you missed the LED behavior before shutting down, repeat steps 1 and 2 and pay particular attention to the LED.

2. Check the Arlo camera synced with base station

Check the Arlo camera synced with base station

Non-connectivity causes Arlo camera goes offline mode

  • Take into account the distance between the cameras and the SmartHub, base station or WiFi router. Do not place your Arlo camera more than 90 meters from Arlo SmartHub or Arlo baseStation. 
  • If your camera is connected to the SmartHub or the control center, it will be able to connect and disconnect due to its distance from the control center.
  • Note: Strong walls between the camera and the SmartHub, or the WiFi router. The Arlo camera will be disconnected and show the Arlo camera offline error when there is a metal object or wall thickness and a gap between the camera and the base station.

Do you have another WiFi device near your SmartHub or base station? In this case, the WiFi connection may be a problem with your Arlo. If possible, disconnect the base station from other WLAN devices.

3.Check the status of your Arlo SmartHub:

To turn offline arlo camera to online do check SmartHub status

  • While the WiFi indicator (LED) in the sub-location is green, it indicates that the SmartHub is connected to a wireless network. You can access myarlo camera login panel.
  • If the LED is orange or solid amber, the base is not connected to the internet. 
  • Make sure the ethernet cable is connected to the LAN devices. 

4. Ensure base station is synced to Arlo camera

Arlo not connected to base station makes Arlo camera keep going offline

  • Please see the Arlo library for the last recorded files on the camera. If the image transmitted by the camera was captured a long time ago, the camera cannot be captured in normal mode.
  • Remove and reconnect the battery from the camera.
  • If the LED is blinking and not blinking at all after completion, the camera needs to be rebooted.

After following these steps to fix myarlo camera offline error or arlo security offline and not connected issue. If still can’t turn the arlo go camera to online or arlo camera keeps going offline and shows “device offline” error.